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740 Old Brandy Road,
Culpeper, Virginia
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+1 540-727-3430

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Customer Reviews about Culpeper Police Department:

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    I have called on the services of the Culpeper Town Police on a few occasions. Being a young woman who spends a decent amount of time alone while my husband works, I get a little nervous sometimes. Even paranoid, I guess. Since the police are a free civil service, I do not hesitate in calling and asking them to come look around with me in my home or investigate any suspicious persons walking near my apartment. 2 out of the 3 times that I have ever felt the need to call the police, (all in non-emergency situations), the response time and service was great. However, the most recent time that I called was due to a suspicious person that my husband warned me about on his way to work tonight. I called around 10:40p.m., and the officers never showed up. I was disappointed and unnerved. If I had wanted to wait alone, I wouldn't have called them. Even a call back would have been reassuring. I'd say they could step up their game a little. As a woman who is alone more often than not, I would like to know that my town police aren't going to take all night just to drive around the block a couple times and offer me a little reassurance.
    By Hannah Cross, September 20, 2017
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    The police in this town are thirsty and desperate for action so they pick at every little thing. They definitely racially profile and their small town mentality is very evident. Most wouldn't do well outside of this town. When you want to be picky enough to pull someone over for one tag light missing, ok fine, I know you're within the law for doing it but a good police has bigger fish to fry. The officer seemed disappointed to learn I had no warrants or anything he could bust me on as I was making my way home from VACATION BIBLE SCHOOL. then proceeds to question me on "what brings me around these parts? ". Unprofessional and uncultured. If I remembered the officers name if put him on blast. Get it together.
    By Cara Michelle, March 27, 2017
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    As of August 21 Culpeper has 41 drug overdoses. That's 10 more than last year already. I have been pulled over 3 times this year twice two nights in a row for expired tags. $60 fine and $60 court fee loss of day at work. Btw 2 cops approached my car like I was a threat. Then I switched car insurance and Progressive messed up not 24 hours passes and Sgt Hibbs has already ran my plates taken my drivers license asking me why I'm driving around at 10pm? Asking me if I have drugs in the car? Telling me to stop moving around so much and if I have weapons? I was trying to find my car insurance info but too late. License gone $145 fee now and miss basically 2 days work going to DMV and sorting out this mess. 41 drug overdoses and counting. That's 10 more already than last year. Take a giant look in the mirror police. If you can't find a better way to fight crime then maybe you should find a new profession like working hard like I do on houses. Then when you see a giant piece of drywall in my van you won't be asking me if I'm a drug dealer. I've lost all respect for these cops and I was actually thinking of applying to join and now I know 100% that if I joined the police force I would have problems because the answer they come up with is always more tickets and more guns. It's not working leave me alone and let me live in peace. I think I need to move away...thanks for making me feel like POS every chance you get. Thanks for not being cool. And thanks for the 41 drug overdoses and counting. I'm sure you were just as pleasant to those kids as well. Your tickets are killing peoples moral. I was up til 4:30am the night my license got taken I can't stand INJUSTICE. Pathetic I'm so disappointed. I'd rather no police if I'm getting harassed all of the time I can protect myself just fine thank you.
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